1. You’ll love our response time. We have a live US-based help desk that is available to start working on your issue within 5 minutes of receiving your call. Here’s why we made that a top priority for our company: if your business has an average of 1 support request per week and it takes your technician an average of 4 hours to respond, you will end up wasting 208 hours (or over 5 weeks) just waiting for a response every year. And this doesn’t count the time it takes to resolve the issue.
  2. Your problems will be fixed right the first time. We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that works all problems to their resolution. In the event that a problem resurfaces, we do not charge you for the work required to fix it. If you have ever worked with an IT company that has sent out their technicians to work on the same problem, over and over, you know how frustrating it can be. And any time that your employees cannot work because of problems that reoccur is money wasted.
  3. You will only pay for services you need. We understand that all businesses are different. Because of this we work with each of our customers, discussing their specific business needs, to best determine what services make sense for their company, and create a custom package based on those discussions. Most IT companies will only offer 2-3 service bundles to choose from, which means you don’t get all of the services you want, or end up paying for services you won’t use.
  4. We speak in a language you will understand. We use normal, everyday language when talking with our clients. We also document all work performed, whether it is billable or not, and include a clear description of this work on all of our customer invoices. Most technicians will use confusing “tech speak” when communicating, and in some cases, will talk down to their customers because they don’t know the technical jargon. And it is common for IT service providers to have vague documentation on their invoices. You should understand clearly what your technician is doing when working on your computers and servers, and there should be no question as to what you are paying for when you review your invoices.
  5. We are vendor agnostic. We have relationships with several hardware and software vendors, and will always recommend the best solution for your needs, not what is being pushed by a particular vendor. Most IT companies sell computers and servers based on what they can get the highest margins for or they are bound to a particular hardware vendor. You should be charged a fair price for all hardware and software and given multiple options whenever available.
  6. We make absolute certain your backups are working. In addition to 24x7 monitoring of all backup jobs, we also perform routine disaster recovery tests to ensure that the backups that are in place are working properly. Many IT service providers have limited monitoring in place for backup jobs, if they monitor at all. And in many cases, it can be several weeks before they are alerted to a problem with the backup At UbiquiTech we believe that a proper backup solution will protect you from nearly any disaster that can come your way. This includes hardware failures, viruses, malware, ransomware, and even accidental (or intentional) data deletion by your employees. And the backup solution is not complete if it is not monitored and tested on a regular basis.