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7 Reasons to Choose UbiquiTech to Support Your Computer Network


You’ll love our response time. Our US-based help desk is available to start working on your issue within 5 minutes of receiving your call. If your business has an average of 1 support request per week and it takes your technician an average of 4 hours to respond, you will end up wasting 208 hours (or over 5 weeks) just waiting for a response every year. And this doesn't count the time it takes to resolve the issue.


No Long-term contracts. You should never feel "stuck" with your IT provider because of a contract. Our agreements are month-to-month and we are confident in our ability to deliver value and work to earn your business every day.


You won't waste money on services you need. You will not be forced into a one-size-fits-all bundle of IT services. Instead, you will only be paying for the services that you need and ultimately get the most "bang for your buck" in investment. And because we have operated lean from our start in 2013, such as utilizing shared co-working spaces to scale up and down as needed, there isn't a large overhead padded into your monthly bill.


No automatic annual price increases. Most IT services companies have annual price increases of 5% to 15% (and more) automatically built-in to their long-term contracts (see Reason #2). Our prices are tied to the services and value we deliver to our clients. Period.


Rest easy knowing that your IT company is internally audited for security. All companies need the best tools in place to keep their businesses secure and running smoothly. Your IT services company should not be exempt from this. That is why we have regular internal audits from third-party security firms to make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep our own network secure which helps keep our customers safe.


You will never hear "That's not our problem" from us. Your time is valuable and your focus should be on your business. Your computer and network issues will be worked on until the issue is resolved. And this includes working with any third-party vendor if the issue falls outside of our scope of support. Once you hand off the problem, consider it done.


Have the freedom to work with the vendors that are best for your business. We have partnerships with several hardware and software vendors, and will always recommend the best solution for your needs, not what is being pushed by a particular vendor. Many IT companies sell computers, servers, and solutions based on what they can get the highest margins for or they are bound to a particular hardware vendor. You should be charged a fair price for all hardware and software and given multiple options whenever available.

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I No Longer Have to Wait DAYS for a Response from My IT Guy!

Before switching over to UbiquiTech, when I had computer problems it would take several hours, and sometimes days before my problems were fixed. As someone who works with taxes, most of my work is on a tight deadline, and I cannot wait days for a response.


Rochelle M. Enrolled Agent

UbiquiTech Saved Us from Having Cash Flow Problems

Ubiquitech saved us from having a delay in our cash flow by fixing a billing problem that we were unable to resolve with our billing application’s support team. I appreciate the fact that UbiquiTech stepped in to help us with our technical problems, even when the problems we were having were in our billing application and outside of UbiquiTech’s scope of support.

Juanita R. President
Home Healthcare

We are Confident All of Our Computer Issues are Handled Quickly and Efficiently

Since we’ve been using UbiquiTech our employees feel confident in knowing that their IT needs will be satisfied quickly and adequately. They no longer have to wait several hours (sometimes days) to get their problems addressed. And we never have to call in to get the same issue fixed over and over gain.

Jennifer H. Operations Manager
Commodity Import/Export

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